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Chris Weil – Filmmaker

Director Cinematographer Film & Video Editor

Chris Weil (*March 2, 1988, Bad Nauheim) is a German Filmmaker, who lives and works in Italy.


After graduating as a Film & Video Editor in 2011 at the ARD.ZDF Media Academy in association with the Bayerischer Rundfunk and the IHK, Chris Weil starts video editing for television broadcasting: more than 700 films in the various fields, including news, politics, culture, sports, comedy, music, lifestyle, science, and nature for the German public television stations (ARD and BR).

Chris Weil – Filmmaker

In August 2015 he moves to Italy and founds in collaboration with Sara Ferro the creative directors collective Artoldo Media producing independent award-winning feature documentaries and arthouse films.

Since 2018 Chris Weil organizes and supports International Film Festivals in his role as technical director and programmer.

In order to fulfill the complete process of independent film distribution he develops and designs an own curated SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) platform that launches in autumn 2019.


The Ritman Library – Amsterdam

Documentary 90 min

Discover a library with over 23.000 books in the fields of Alchemy, Hermetica, Cabala, Magic, Rosicrucianism and Mystic! Watch legendary first editions, rare books, manuscripts and learn more about the hidden stories and secret symbols of Esotericism…

Ugo Dossi – Art and Space

Documentary 60 min

The figurative artist Ugo Dossi shows his artworks in the field of metaphysics, astronomy, cosmos, tarot, hypnosis, telepathy, alchemy, collective subconscious, Franz Anton Mesmer, Wilhelm Reich and explains the deeper meaning of his works and ideas…

Film Festivals

Hermetic Film Festival

Technical Director
Chris Weil

Innuendo Film Festival

Technical Director
Chris Weil

Communism Film Festival

Technical Director
Chris Weil

Film Production


Tisch – 255 255 255 (White Album)

Soundtrack composed and performed by Chris Weil [ Tisch ] for Ugo Dossi – Art and Space

Electronic soundwaves combined with rhythmical melodies in order to discover a new audio dimension. Mixed with powerful beats, drones and synthesizers. Let your journey begin and enter this magical world of music.

Tisch – V8

Soundtrack composed and performed by Chris Weil [ Tisch ] for Exit – Dolce vita reloaded

Dive into experimental electronic soundwaves and discover the hidden gate to your subconscious mind…

Video on Demand


The Ritman Library – Amsterdam: A documentary film by Sara Ferro and Chris Weil
Ugo Dossi – Art and Space: A documentary film by Sara Ferro and Chris Weil

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